• Twinterview with Ronnie Screwvala

    Rohinton Soli Screwvala, popularly knows as "Ronnie" Screwvala, was the founder of the UTV Group (now Walt Disney India) and producer of films like A Wednesday, Barfi and Chennai Express. This media industry veteran owns Unilazer Ventures, which has funded start-ups like and Apart from entrepreneurship, Screwvala is also passionate about philanthropy and runs the Swades foundation, which works for rural development.

  • Twinterview with Harsh Mariwala

    From the country's favourite hair oil, Parachute, to cooking oil, Saffola, Harsh Mariwala's FMCG brand Marico has it all. Mariwala, who ranks 46 on the Forbes India Rich List 2014, has transformed Marico from a single-product startup to a Rs 5700 crore (as of FY 15) FMCG major. Marico's products are shipped to over 25 countries across Asia and Africa. One out of every three Indians uses products made by Marico.

  • Twinterview with Inclusive Conversation

    Our current cover story is about inclusiveness in the workplace, with reference to the queer community. There's lots more to be said on the topic, and we're sure you, our readers have more to say too. So we're hosting a chat about the topic, here and on Twitter. Joining us will be a few of the people we spoke to. If you'd like to have us ask a question for you, please tweet it to @Forbes_India or email it to

    Date : 27 June 2011, Time : 4:30 PM (IST)
    (We, with our colleagues at, hosted a panel chat on the same topic, listen here.)

  • Twinterview with Viswanathan Anand

    To most of us, Anand is the embodiment of success and high performance. But his journey to the pinnacle of world chess hasn't been easy. From failure to virtual neglect by the game's elite, Anand saw it all before his golden reign of the last three years, when he has been simply unbeatable as the world champion. But he never let the demons take control. He always worked back his way. But then, just what makes him tick? We asked the man himself.

  • Twinterview with Rajiv Bajaj

    Rajiv Bajaj, 42, is the eldest son of India’s leading industrialist Rahul Bajaj. When he joined his family business in the late 90s, Bajaj, India’s undisputed two wheeler maker of several leaders was slowly losing ground to motorcycles made by international joint venture companies. Rajiv fought back making his own motorcycles and today, Bajaj’s Pulsar is a sought after bike by the Indian youth. An engineer at heart, Rajiv dislikes the management discipline and draws business insights from Yoga and homeopathy.

  • Twinterview with Mehmood Khan

    Mehmood Khan gave up a high-flying corporate career in London to return to his roots in rural Mewat. The transition - from Unilever House in Blackfriars in the heart of London, to Nai Nangla, a village that doesn't even have a water connection - is not easy. But Khan, formerly the Global Leader of Innovation Process Development at Unilever, is doggedly pursuing his mission to lift his impoverished brethren so that they can have a decent life.

  • Twinterview with Chetan Bhagat

    In the Indian Writing in English market, 5,000 copies sold makes for a bestseller; his first three books sold over 700,000. Each. To people intimidated by literary novels, who dream and swear in other languages, who prefer TV or the movies. Rupa & Co aim to sell 1,000,000 copies of his latest work. In 12 weeks.